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Ferret Groupie: Cori

Ferrets: Zero & Swirl

I remember when adopting a ferret was first brought up. I honestly had never seen or been around a ferret. I heard they stunk, are messy, bite, and on and on. I eventually decided to get our sable ferret, Swirl.

Swirl changed my life and my opinion on ferrets. They’re like noodle puppies. The never ending energy, war dancing, and quirky behaviors made me fall in love. 6 months later, we adopted the dark-eyed white ferret, Zero.

Zero and Swirl are the complete opposite and I absolutely love it. Swirl is a baby faced cuddle bug and Zero looks like he is perpetually judging you… and doesn’t want to be held a whole lot. December 2018 began my adventure as a ferret mom.

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